Gun Control Advocate, Not on a Warpath

Written on December 31, 2012 – 8:45 pm | by ibkent

UPDATE:  The letter was published in today’s Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.  There was another story posted on Facebook today — it is an interview with Noah Pozner’s mother, Veronique, with Naomi Zeveloff. Please read the article, particularly in light of the last sentence of my third paragraph.  

I am a “gun control advocate,” but can assure you I am on no “warpath” as suggested by the sub-headline on Tim Chitwood’s front page story on Sunday about the Eastman Gun Show. I am, however, hopeful that 2013 is the year we as a country begin to look at possible safeguards in light of America’s love affair with guns.

The hysteria over President Obama supposedly instituting martial law or relieving gun owners of their weapons is fabricated propoganda.  In fact, the only gun laws the President passed in his first term actually expanded the right to carry guns to include Amtrak trains and National Parks!   We gun control advocates have no interest in banning all weapons. We have no interest in taking guns away from responsible citizens who take the right to own a gun seriously.  We do, however, think we can no longer bury our heads in the sand, and are looking for common sense solutions to a growing problem in our country.

How is it unreasonable to close the gunshow loophole? How is it unreasonable to demand that high volume ammunition clips be removed from civilian use? We live in a military town with many hunters.  I have been hard pressed to find more than a handful of people who believe that there should be no restrictions on those clips and on assault weapons.  I wonder if those advocating for no restrictions at all would feel the same if the media had shown images of the bloodbath in Newtown and what multiple high velocity gunshot wounds no doubt did to those little 6 year old bodies.

I am more than familiar with the 2d Amendment to the US Constitution. I also understand that the founding fathers were talking about muskets, and about well-regulated militias.  We need to stop digging into our respective positions, hoping that it will all blow over.

While both sides mull over who is more right, I can only wonder where – and when – the next bloodbath will take place.

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