Bernie Madoff’s Lips Move – He’s Lying

Written on May 23, 2013 – 12:35 am | by ibkent

It’s a regular occurrence.  Bernie Madoff – conman extraordinaire – must have felt left out lately — what with the bombings in Boston, the explosion in TX, the crazyman in North Korea, and our elected representatives creating non-existent crises.  He contacted Aaron Smith, a correspondent at CNN Money. Aaron’s a good guy. I’ve met him and been interviewed by him on several occasions.  I like him. But he, like other journalists, such as Barbara Walters, can’t resist when when the consummate con man talks.  It still astounds me that when Bernie calls, the media jumps.

Aaron sent Bernie money so that he could call to pontificate on whatever he wanted to pontificate about. In this case, I guess — about the very sad suicide of his son.  Leave it to Bernie to try to gain an advantage of this horrific event.   I do not believe for one minute — or one instant for that matter – that Bernie is bothered by the death of his son. I know it’s cruel. Yes, he is, a “human being” in the strictest sense.  Nor do I believe that he feels badly about the thousands of people whose lives he pretty much destroyed. What kind of man steals money from Elie Wiesel one of the greatest humanitarians the world has ever seen. Not just Elie’s personal money — but his foundation’s money as well.

I might also remind anyone who cares, that Bernie, not that long ago, pretty much blamed the victims .. claiming that he “carried” many Madoff investors for many years.

When will the media learn – When Bernie Madoff is talking it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s lying.


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