Andrew Madoff and his Stage 4 Cancer

Written on August 12, 2013 – 3:38 pm | by ibkent

Do I feel badly for Andrew Madoff? Sure? Who wouldn’t feel for someone with Stage 4 cancer. But let me tell you why this really should be a nonstory and that the media really should get its priorities straight.  Earlier this year, Andrew told People magazine that he felt “horrible for the people whose lives have been destroyed by my father’s crimes.”  Well, Andrew Madoff worked for dear old Dad for 15-20 years.  No one has been able to come up with the smoking gun proving he knew definitely what happened on the infamous 19th floor, but let me tell you,  if he didn’t know, he damn well should have.  As one long time industry analyst said, “if the boys didn’t know they were either the two dumbest men on Wall Street or the most naïve.”  Too true.


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