“Why Palestinian High Tech Entrepreneurs Hate Richard Behar’s Forbes Cover Story”

Written on September 1, 2013 – 4:27 pm | by ibkent

My friend, Richard Behar is an accomplished and successful magazine writer  (one of a handful if not THE ONLY author to be sued by the Church of Scientology and win).  He recently wrote a cover story for Forbes Magazine about cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli high tech entrepreneurs. The story, “Peace through Profits? Inside the Secret Tech Ventures that Are Reshaping the Israeli-Arab-Palestinian World” appeared in the August 12, 2013 issue.

Rather than being lauded, this article has been roundly condemned by the very Palestinian entrepreneurs written about, for deigning to “suggest an optimistic perspective on Israeli-Palestinian relationships.”  In fact, Behar was asked to immediately retract the article. (Never mind that the NY Times regularly posts blatantly anti-Israel articles and articles that either leave out poignant facts or containing blatant untruths.)

What is attached is another article written by Richard titled “Why so Many Palestinian High-Tech Entrepreneurs Hate My FORBES Cover Story”

So sad that Richard seems to be punished for actually posting facts — and more sad that the Palestinian entrepreneurs now fear for their lives – and businesses for seeming to be “cooperating” with Israel. <Kinda sounds like Tea Party who look at “compromise” and “reconciliation” as dirty words.>


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